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Elave Skin Balancing Essentials


Gardiner Family Apothecary have partnered with Reforest Nation, supporting their mission to restore biodiversity and fight climate change by planting one million native trees by 2024. We will plant one tree with Reforest Nation on your behalf if you choose to purchase this item without the outer carton and sleeve. Your certificate will be shared with you once the roots are in the ground. Just choose the ‘UNBOXED - PLANT A TREE’ option when adding to your cart to get the same great value while reducing packaging waste.

Elave Skin Balancing Essentials are designed to be used together to cleanse, hydrate, rebalance and protect even the most sensitive, reactive skin types.

The Elave Skin Balancing Essentials pack contains:

Elave Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel No.214 200ml, a unique blend of naturally derived foaming cleansers with pure antimicrobial Manuka Honey UMF 10+ for a deep cleansing treatment to remove daily residue, oil, make-up and impurities. This multi-action formula with a natural source of Amino Acid & natural Humectants refreshes, hydrates and softens skin. Vitamin E and calming Camomile Extract protect the skin from environmental damage. Elave Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel No.214 leaves the skin rebalanced, soft and refined.

Elave Skin Balancing Moisturiser No.219 50ml, a multi-action formula to regulate the skin’s balance, with antimicrobial Manuka Honey UMF 10+ to restore a healthier skin barrier. Anti-oxidant Vitamins B5 and E combined with natural Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid boost the skin’s hydration levels, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. Elave Skin Balancing Moisturiser No.219 is quickly absorbed with a matte finish leaving the skin rebalanced, soft and refined.

Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF45 No.108 50ml, a unique combination of oil-free emollients to hydrate the skin, together with high UVA & UVB protection. The Invisible Zinc is absorbed quickly and the Vitamins B5 & E anti-oxidant enriched formula helps protect skin and repair environmental skin damage.


  • Leaves dry sensitive skin rejuvenated and soft
  • Enriched with reconditioning Vitamin E
  • Non-irritating multi-action formulas contain added moisturisers to leave the skin feeling soft
  • Beneficial for all skin types even sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically approved & safety tested anti-irritation formula
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy
  • Certified Peta Cruelty Free
Elave Happy. Skin. Gardiner Family Apothecary Sensitive Skincare Eczema Psoriasis Rosacea DermatitisElave Happy. Skin. Gardiner Family Apothecary Sensitive Skincare Eczema Psoriasis Rosacea DermatitisElave Happy. Skin. Gardiner Family Apothecary Sensitive Skincare Eczema Psoriasis Rosacea DermatitisElave Happy. Skin. Gardiner Family Apothecary Sensitive Skincare Eczema Psoriasis Rosacea Dermatitis


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Simply amazing my 'Glow' is back

My life has been enriched and my confidence is back. Finding these wonderful, affordable and easy to use products has given me a glow and confidence in my own skin.

I really struggled with my skin, I didn't have the confidence to go out without covering up the red and sore patches mostly on my chin, forehead and around my nose, I couldn't find anything that worked for me I was living with discoloured and scared skin which caused me to hide behind heavy makeup.

Not anymore my skin is clear, soft and has a glow, I'm happy to go makeup free with the confidence that my skin is protected and nourished throughout the day. The SPF 45 is my constant, I won't leave home without it.

I adore the skin balancing cleansing gel, I look forward to starting my day with it and in the evenings getting home and cleaning the day away, it leaves me feeling refreshed, relaxed and comfortable in my own skin.

Bonus that I'm able to feel good in myself and also support an Irish Company with a strong biodiversity and climate ethos.

Great value kit

Gentle on sensitive skin.

Great value, great products

I highly recommend Elave Skin Balancing Essentials pack (it contains Elave Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel, Elave Skin Balancing Moisturiser and Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF45. I have rosacea and these products really helped the condition of my skin.

Anne Hopkins
Skin Balancing Essentials

I Bought this set as I have been using other Elave products for the last 3 years and decided it was time to give more protection to my face and knew I couldn't go wrong based on other products in the Elave collection. I was not disappointed and love the way my skin feels after cleansing and moisturising and the added bonus of the SPF45 which does not feel thick and heavy like some of my previous products. I would definately recommend Elave.

Fabulous products - Skin never looked or felt better

Since my mid- teens I’ve had issues with my skin. It was red and I also had breakouts of spots and blemishes. One of my colleagues recommended Elave Skin balancing Essentials to me and my skin has never looked or felt better.

The pack contains three oil free products to cleanse, moisturise and protect my skin. I cleanse twice daily using the skin balancing cleanser which has manuka honey. At night I moisturise with the skin balancing moisturiser and for day time I use the Daily Skin Defence which has sun protection of SPF 45. My red spotty face has disappeared. Once upon a time I didn’t want to show my face to anyone. Try stopping me now!