Red Winter Skin

November 11, 2022 3 min read

Red Winter Skin

When a red face outshines a healthy glow it is time to protect your skin against the damp and drizzle of Irish winter weather, says Advanced Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Selene Daly, 

I love Halloween with its brisk walks in the fresh air, misty mornings and cosy evenings round the fire.  It all gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing – but let’s be clear: a red face is not the same thing as a healthy glow! 

It’s the time of year when we start to turn up the thermostat. The inclement weather, particularly in Ireland, where it tends to be windy and drizzly, drives us to seek the shelter of a comfy room with a temperature, on average, of 21-23C.

Think about it. We get out of bed into a warm room, have a hot shower, wrap up – and go out into the chill. Then we turn up the heat in the car, or squeeze into a warm bus or train, before walking through the cold to a sometimes stifling office. On the way home, we do it all again in reverse.

This rapid switching of temperature extremes plays havoc with dry, sensitive skin, and if you suffer from rosacea – known as the Curse of the Celts - then the problem is magnified. So, a proper winter skincare regime is required to protect your dermis when Mother Nature is at her worst.


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Research shows that in the 1980s, the temperature in the evening in the average home was 10C – and we were all quite OK with that. It was healthier for our skin and our pockets!  So, if you want to save both, try turning down the thermostat to 18C in the evening. 

A cooler home is especially important for those who suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema.  Young children, in particular, have difficulty regulating their body temperature. A cool bedroom and a warm bed is the best combination for a good night’s sleep – but watch out for hot water bottles, which can cause chilblains.

Your individual skincare routine also needs to change. A holistic, top-to-toe, twice daily (morning and evening) regime which uses tried and tested formulations will help safeguard easily-irritated skin. If any of your skincare is over a year old, throw it out as it is likely to be going off.

Look for formulations that do not use perfumes, dyes, alcohol or harsh ingredients like SLs, MI or preservatives.  These will strip your skin of oils and increase dryness, which in turn leads too rashes, itches and blemishes. Pare back your products to those you know work well together, and work for you. 

Elave Skin Balancing Essentials are designed to be used together to cleanse, hydrate, rebalance and protect even the most sensitive, reactive skin types

Elave Skin Balancing Essentials offer 360-degree winter weather facial protection for even the most sensitive, reactive skin types. Nourish and protect delicate skin with this Supervalu kit containing three vitamin and bio extract-infused formulations: a cleansing gel, moisturiser and daily SPF skin defence.

Elave Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel is a unique blend of natural foaming cleansers, camomile and antimicrobial Manuka honey to remove daily residue, oil, make-up and impurities.

Elave Skin Balancing Moisturiser with vitamins B5 & E, glycerin and hyaluronic acid, restores the skin’s natural balance without stripping out the natural oils or blocking pores.

Elave Skin Balancing Essentials are designed to be used together to cleanse, hydrate, rebalance and protect even the most sensitive, reactive skin types

Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF45 offers very high UVA/UVB protection all year round. This invisible zinc, non-comedogenic formula will not congest your skin or leave a grainy residue when it comes into contact with other creams.

Elave Skin Hydrating Essentials pack contains Elave Hydrating Cream Cleanserand Elave Intense Moisture Surge.The cleanser is a unique combination of hydrating emollients and cleansers in a vitamin and aloe vera-enriched formula. The Intense Moisture Surge combines fractionated coconut oil with shea butter to repair and surge moisture into facial skin. 

Elave Daily Lip Defence SPF20is an ultra-hydrating lip balm with broad spectrum protection. This multi-action formula contains coconut oil, shea butter, naturally derived lipoamino acid and antioxidant vitamin E to protect against environmental damage. Peppermint Oil gives a cooling sensation.

Elave Eye Rescue Serum is a rich combination of vitamins, natural humectants and bio extracts which rejuvenates the delicate eye area by promoting circulation and new cell growth. 

Elave.Happy.Skin – for skin that looks and feels its best at the worst times of year! Available online, at Tesco, Dunnes Beauty, Boots, Chemist Warehouse and community pharmacies.


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